Category C gaming machines

Category C machines may be made available in all premises other than a family entertainment centre (with a licensing authority permit) or travelling fair. The maximum stake is £1.00 with maximum prize of £100.00.

Jabro Games

Street Casino Gold

Street Casino features a 25 game package including Roulette, hi-tech slots and casino-style slots, games are multi stake with price per play from 25p upto £1 and all configured to the latest £100 / £400 jackpots. Designed to appeal to the widest range of players with popular and proven gaming content. 

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Jabro Games

Big Bucks


The game has 3 base reels with both fruits and overlaid numbers. The 1 to 8 numbered “BIG BUCKS” trail on the lower glass is seeded by over laid numbers on the reels giving the player access to the feature board when the trail is full. The player can also access the feature board by gambling a fruit win and exchanging for the feature via the exchange button, it is also possible to access the features via a ’Money x’ overlaid on the reels. 



Jabro Games

Red Alert


Overprinted numbers add to an eight segment trail, and a two way display, when the player achieves the number eight segment, a random number is added to the display to further his climb up the trail. The player can choose to exchange for the board feature or collect the cash offered, if a successful hi/lo game is achieved he will start on the lower
trails, he can collect free lamps to move to the upper trail and continue collecting various awards.